NanoChem personnel have been actively working
in the formaldehyde industry since 1992.

Mr John Tarrant leads the NanoChem formaldehyde
team which is comprised of industry experts with
over 20 years experience in the catalyst industry
and who are the world recognised experts in silver
catalyst applications for formaldehyde synthesis.

NanoChem initially developed an optimized silver
catalyst based upon years of research on the
molecular scale to determine the reaction
mechanism by which silver catalysts operated.

Following on from the successful
commercialization of a new nanotechnology
derived silver catalyst in 1999, NanoChem has
expanded its portfolio of services to include in
depth and unparalleled technical support to
formaldehyde producers.

No other company has visited as many
formaldehyde plants based upon the silver
catalyst process, as NanoChem.

No other company understands the intricate
relationship between catalyst performance and
formaldehyde plant operation, as NanoChem.

No other company offers you the opportunity to
decrease your costs, improve your product quality
and achieve your business goals.

NanoChem Pty Ltd - Formaldehyde