Formaldehyde producers are under severe pressure due to a
combination of record prices for methanol, higher costs for
utilities and greater competition in the marketplace.

Therefore, the main focus at present is to reduce operational
costs with the minimum amount of investment.

Consequently, the crtitical aspects of formaldehyde plant
optimization become:

Use of improved catalysts

Application of state-of-the-art technical service and support to
ensure the process works optimally at all times

Until now the formaldehyde industry has been supplied with silver
from metal refiners who do not understand the intricate nature of
the formaldehyde synthesis plants and have no actual operational
experience with these systems.

However, this situation has changed and you can now take
advantage of the benefits of having not only silver catalyst
designed to meet your needs but also continual technical service
and support from a dedicated team of experts to ensure you
achieve your goals.

NanoChem uniquely supplies a comprehensive technical support
package to customers using the silver catalyst based
formaldehyde process and has already delivered outstanding
savings to producers worldwide.

The Formaldehyde Industry